Medical Aid (Out Source)

Medical Aid Program

Under this program Aziz Tabba Foundation is providing financial support for surgical treatment of cancer and hepatitis and other such terminal diseases. The secondary aim behind the launch of this scheme is to provide treatments that are not available in THI and TKI.


Abid Abdur Razzaq

There are some chronic diseases which can inflict a heavy toll on people, both physically and mentally, and also on their loved ones. The exorbitant cost of medical treatment is now beyond the means of most people such as myself, who was staring at a lot of hardship since my beloved mother developed breast cancer recently.

Going through a period of anguish with regard to my mother’s deteriorating health, some of my relatives advised me to seek the assistance of the Aziz Tabba Foundation. Initially I was hesitant to consider this particular option because seeking assistance in a form of charity would have hurt my pride and self-esteem. However, when I finally approached the ATF team to seek their advice on how best to assist my ailing mother, I was overwhelmed by the benevolence and professionalism of the foundation staff. ATF advised me on the best possible solutions on my mother’s surgery. Immediately after the surgery the doctors suggested Adjuvant Chemotherapy for my mother and ATF gave me the best consultation in this regard. By the grace of Allah my mother is slowly recuperating and regaining her health and for this miracle I am indebted to ATF.

Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) Certified Foundation

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