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The Tabba Heart Institute (THI) was established in March 2005 under the aegis of Aziz Tabba Foundation with an aim to operate on non-for-profit basis and with a mandate to provide specialized health care to needy heart patients who cannot afford the expensive cost of treatment. The Tabba Heart Institute is a specialty cardiac care hospital with a vision to provide quality services and compassionate care at affordable rates. The primary objective is to promote excellence in the field of cardiovascular health. To realize our vision with an uncompromising attitude, the hospital is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and very highly qualified professionals with a proven track record. We believe that a serene environment is vital and serves as a catalyst in the healing and recovery process. Our building’s modern architecture reflects a cutting-edge approach as well as the passion and commitment of the people behind it. Furthermore, the artistic adornments and carefully selected horticulture scheme speak of the high standards of aesthetic perception.

However, ultimately it is our medical team that makes the difference. All professionals working at THI share the same passion with which this hospital was established and everyone connected to us feels responsible to radiate that spirit. Above all we not only believe in expressing ourselves with words but also with our deeds. We are always striving for a positive change in all our endeavours which is proven by the tremendous success we have achieved in a very short time.

The hospital is being managed under the able leadership of Ms. Mariam Tabba Khan, who looks after the administrative aspects of the hospital as the Chief Executive. Dr. Bashir Hanif, the renowned cardiologist, heads the medical team as the Medical & Executive Director. The hospital is then further divided into various administrative divisions employing around 800 full time and contractual employees in three different shifts.

The Tabba Heart Institute is also a teaching institute imparting one of the best post graduate fellowship programs in Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery and Cardiac Anesthesia. The fellowship program in interventional cardiology offered at Tabba Heart Institute is the only one of its kind in Pakistan. Diplomas in Cardiology (Dip Card), Nursing training programs and various other allied health programs are offered in Laboratory, CSSD and cardiac rehabilitation. The fellowship programs and all training programs are recognized by CPSP and affiliated with Dow University of Health Sciences.

With the support of 16 faculty members and approximately 80 medical staff, the Tabba Heart Institute is geared to offer the finest medical care and treatment for cardiac ailments.

Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) Certified Foundation

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