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Education Scholarship

Children of Pakistan face the dual problem of educational inequality with limited access to schools and poor quality schooling. The rest on account of poverty drop-out in between. This has led to an education crisis in Pakistan and has led ATF to provide scholarships to bring quality in the field of education ATF Educational Scholarship is given to deserving students who are either the employees or children of ATF/THI/TKI staff members and the Memon community studying at the recognized schools or colleges. Scholarships are being granted for admission fee, tuition fee, cost of two uniforms and cost of books, once in a year, renewable and based on performance criteria with securing 60% marks and above (in case of new admission of Prep & Nursery classes, the condition of 60% performance criteria will not be applicable)

The student aid program can be extended and further renewed, entirely making it subject to performance and securing admirable grades. Eligibility criteria is applicable on those employees who are drawing a monthly salary of Rs.30,000/- with not less than 2 years of service period.

Under this facility, the deserving student is eligible for admission fee (provided that it is mandatory) and tuition fee of one year. The grant is renewable provided that the students excels academically and secures a GPA of 2.7 and above.

Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) Certified Foundation

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